Hope UMC is located at 3405 Artesia Boulevard in Torrance, CA 90504. For a map to our location, click here: Find Hope UMC
We worship at 9:00 AM (a traditional service with choir and hymns) and at “exactly 11-ish” We start a little after 11AM (contemporary service with new music and a live band)
Am I going to be conspicuous?
You can expect around 100 at our 9 AM, and about 70 people in worship at 11 AM, so you won’t be conspicuous, but you will probably be noticed and greeted. WE WILL CERTAINLY NOT ASK YOU TO STAND, RAISE YOUR HAND OR INTRODUCE YOURSELF! We recognize that there is a fine line between not wanting to be embarrassed and not wanting to feel like nobody cares that you are there. We will care, but won’t make you feel like a sore thumb.
How do I behave in worship?
We have a user friendly traditional type service with a casual and relaxed approach. While we do sing hymns and read prayers together (at 9 AM) you won’t feel uncomfortable as the words aren’t a secret ritual that you have to learn–we try to make it easy. Our New Music worship is very relaxed with a positive, upbeat feel. On the first Sunday of each month at our 9 AM service and twice a month at 11 AM, we have our Communion service. Anybody is welcome to come forward to share in this very special meal in which we actively are reminded how much God loves us.
Will I be expected to give money?
If you visit with us we want you to know that we will not be asking you for money. In fact when it comes time for the offering, we will ask you to let the plate go right past and not put anything in! As a visitor we would like this experience to be a gift to you.
How should I dress?
Our dress is casual (if that is what you are comfortable in) or more dressy if you like to go to go to church in your Sunday best. Neither our minister nor our choir wears robes at 9 AM, 11 AM is even more relaxed (jeans and tee shirts).
Are our children welcome, even if they may be a little fussy?
Absolutely! At the 9 and 11 AM, children invited up for the interactive children’s sermon and then go to Sunday School. We have a nursery and cry room available for young children, or they may remain with you during worship.
Should I bring a cushion in case the service goes on forever?
No! Our service usually lasts about an hour at 9, and just a bit longer at 11 AM. Following the 9 AM, we have coffee and rolls. Following 11 AM, we serve a free lunch (who said there are no free lunches?)
I would like to request a prayer, how do I do that?
Prayer requests are welcomed and may be sent to reverika@noisychildrenwelcome.com
I would like to get more involved with church activities and events, who do I contact?
Our church community would not be the same without its family. We appreciate your involvement. Look for our message board outside after each service to see where we may need help and which event strikes your fancy, or contact us at reverika@noisychildrenwelcome.com